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Pure Cotton Ikat Weaved Hand Block Printed 3 PC Suit with Kota Doria Dupatta

₹1,800.00 /Per Piece
Material (Top/Bottom/Dupatta) Cotton/Cotton/Kota Doria
Craft (Top/Bottom/Dupatta) Ikat Weaved/Hand Block/Hand Block Ajrakh
Length (Top/Bottom/Dupatta) 2.5m
Width 44"
Stitched or Unstitched Unstitched
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"Cotton Ikat Kota Doria Suits," it means traditional Indian outfits, made from a fabric that combines elements of Cotton Ikat and Kota Doria. This could be a blend of cotton fibers, tie-dyed using the ikat technique, and woven into the traditional Kota Doria pattern. Such suits often showcase a mix of distinctive features from both techniques. Here's what you might expect:

  1. Fabric Composition:
    • Cotton Ikat: The base material is likely cotton, featuring the tie-dyed ikat pattern. This could involve vibrant and blurred designs characteristic of ikat.
    • Kota Doria: The fabric may also include silk or have a blend of cotton and silk yarns for the characteristic lightweight and translucent quality of Kota Doria.
  2. Weave and Pattern:
    • The fabric may have the square-like patterns (khats or khatris) associated with Kota Doria weaving.
    • The ikat patterns could add a dynamic and varied visual element to the fabric, often featuring geometric or abstract designs.
  3. Suit Style:
    • These fabrics are commonly used for making traditional Indian suits, which typically consist of a long tunic-style top (kameez), matching bottoms (salwar or churidar), and a coordinating scarf or stole (dupatta).
  4. Colors and Designs:
    • Cotton Ikat Kota Doria suits can come in a variety of colors and designs. The ikat dyeing process allows for a range of vibrant and multicolored patterns.
  5. Comfort and Style:
    • The cotton base makes the fabric comfortable, breathable, and suitable for various occasions, while the combination of Ikat and Kota Doria techniques adds an aesthetic and cultural appeal.
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